b. 1987

Group Art Show at Gallery 41/42 in London England
Promenade, documentary short showing dancer Brittany Bailey's process leading up to the debut of a new work at Judson Memorial Church
Untitled [Title TBD], children's video channel with Art-Director Beth Houfek and Composer Dean Spunt, ongoing

Film Program II
"Successions" at Serra's in Los Angeles, California
Curated a film program alongside live experimental performances, invitation by Dean Spunt
Filmmakers include: Sophia Aira, Lucy Kerr, Kersti Jan Werdal, Gillian Garcia, Leanna Kaiser, James Benning, Ub Iwerks & Walt Disney, Emma Berliner, Amalia Irons, Jesse Wright, Sanford Mays, Carl Lev, Louis Malle, Sebastian Salfate, Gerardo Guerrero, Kaila Chambers, Jack Greer, Bianca Larch, Indah Datau, and Chris Ando & Kaela D. Smith

Narrative Short
Sam, HD, color, sound, 10:14min
Story about a man looking for a place of personal significance.
Featuring Callie Hernandez and James Benning.
Sam first screened on May 8th, 2018 at the Bijou Theater at California Institute of the Arts

Dark Heart, HD, color and b&w, sound, 07:30min continuous loop
Large scale double-channel installation. Visceral macro and wide shots of nature echo feelings of desire, grief, and loneliness in contrast to narrative scenes regarding familial structures and searching, stemming from the filmmakers own family history.
Single channel version viewable here.

Short film
Blue, found footage and HD, color, sound, 08:32min.
Blue is a film essay about the color blue.

Short film
Part Two, 16mm, color and b&w, 3:02min, silent, shot in Los Angeles.
Featuring dancer / choreographer Brittany Bailey.
Part Two is the second film in an ongoing collaboration. Shot on 16mm b&w reversal and color film stock, static-shots contrast with movement representing strength, freedom, and choice.

Film Program I
"Successions" at Serra's in Los Angeles, California
Curated a film program alongside live experimental electronica performances, invitation by Dean Spunt
Filmmakers include: James Benning, Andy Warhol, Henry Hills, Lucy Kerr, Kersti Jan Werdal, Gillian Garcia, Gasman0049, Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet, KQED, Lucinda Childs, Menno Otten, Marc-Vulcano-Szeglat, Saint Mary's University, Ken Leroy, Weihong Zheng, Zhekai Lu, and Nile Red.

Short documentary
Fly With You, color, 2.5k, sound, 9:30min, shot in Sicily.
Documentary short about Serena Vintaloro, a young Sicilian motocross athlete who thrives when suspended between skill and risk. Vintaloro competitively races around the island and trains in the forests and hillside outside Corleone where she grew up. The film consists of observational footage of her practice and experience in competition. Preview of a longer-form work that is in pre-production about Vintaloro which will address the experience of a female athlete within a male-dominated Siclian sports culture, her family's 4th generation farm, and lastly her brother Ciccio: a passionate Appaloosa-riding acrobat.

Short film essay
Nana, color and b&w, iPhone and Kodachrome slide film, silent and sound, 12:10min, shot in Seattle and Japan.
Documentary short film essay examining memory and the threads between strength and weakness, loss and holding on.

Short commissioned film
The Dream of Agata, color and b&w, sound, HD, 6min, shot in Sicily.
Commissioned by jeweler Tapley. Score by Sugar Sleep.
Ephemeral short tracing an adolescent girl's dream-scape accessed through a vehicle of mysteriously acquired silver objects. Agata finds herself wandering black and white dystopian buildings before falling back into her reality. As she and her friend attempt to figure out the mystery of her uncanny escape to this new esoteric realm, the natural world begins to consume her.

Group Art Show
"This Is A Song", The Heavy Time Institute, in Melbourne Australia
Contributed Film Slow Shapes
Artists include Brianna Capozzi, Clare Shilland, Danielle Neu, Estelle Hanania, Hanna Moon, Polly Brown, and Benedict Brink. Publication designed by Heavy Time. 44 pages, color indigo print, saddle stitched, edition of 50.

Short film
Slow Shapes, color HD, 12min, shot in New York.
Featuring dancer / choreographer Brittany Bailey.
Slow Shapes reveals the alienating presence of driving cars and commuting peoples in contrast to Brittany Bailey's slow-moving body. As Bailey uses sidewalks and roadside monuments for a stage, her body creates improvised shapes utilizing the negative space between limbs, concrete, vehicles, and locals walking to where they are going.

TIN, WATER, RED EARTH , color, HD, 27min, shot in Italy.
Private Screening December 17th at Anthology Film Archives with poetry reading by Lauren O'Connor.
A documentary about the maiolica ceramic craft in Vietri sul Mare. The film explores themes of memory, fetishization of the object, tradition, mythology, natural geography, and the act of looking.

Writer, book design
Amy Sillman, Out of Synch, a book of essays about painter Amy Sillman.
7in x 9in, 35pp, perfect bound, color, ed. of 3, op.
Published by Surrender Press, printed by Publication Studio. Chapters: 1. Its Not Easy 2. Queer Thing, Painting 3. Oscillations 4. I'm a Romantic Postmodern Aesthetic Sensualist 5. Process and Swiss Cheese

Group Art Show
"The Spring Cleaning", New York City at The Laundromt
Contributed Photographs
Artists include Deanna Templeton, Maya Handley, Heji Shin, Jack Webb, Benedict Brink, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Ed Templeton, Kersti Jan Werdal, Larry Clark, Cheryl Dunn, Todd Jordan, and others

Group Art Show
"Film Programme" for art show presented by Christopher Green at 0fr Gallery in Paris
Curated and Contributed Film Untitled
Dance related video works by Babette Mangolte, Kersti Jan Werdal, Henry Hills, Yvonne Rainer

"Print Programme" for art show presented by Christopher Green at 0fr Gallery in Paris
Punk ephemera and poetry mimeographs selected from the MAST BOOKS archive including Raymond Pettibon, Fluxus, Ed Dorn, Joann Kyger, Ray Johnson, Joe Brainard, Michael McClure, Iggy Pop, Martha Wilson, Jean Genet, The Factory at the Russell Club, Tom Clark, Art Rite, and John Giorno

Group Art Show
Portland Museum of Modern Art
Contributed Film "Untitled"
Untitled, color, MiniDV, 2min, audio by Dragging an Ox Through Water, shot in Thailand and Vietnam

Solo Art Show
"This is Just to Say That" at Valentines in Portland, Oregon

Editor and Graphic Designer
Newsprint, b&w, 28in x 22.75in, double-sided broadsheet poster, printed by Linco, ed. of 1000, op.
Contributors include: Roula Nassar/OTTO, Christopher Garrett, Evie Bowman, Hans Eijkelboom, Jeffrey Kriksciun, Alexis Georgopolous, Matt Olson, Mary Manning, Mark Borthwick, Jacob Robichaux and Amy Yao, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Svetlana Kitto, Amelia Stein and Grace Atkinson, Eva Saelens, Toby Liebowitz, and Chris Johanson

Solo Art Show
"About A Girl" at Half/Half Gallery in Portland, Oregon

MFA California Institute of the Arts in Film/Video
BA Columbia University in Sociocultural Anthropology and Art History

Lillian Disney Grant
California Institute of the Arts Project Grant
Lillian Disney Grant
Columbia University Cum Laude
Columbia University Dean's List of Merit
Ella Deloria Fellowship Research Grant
Columbia University Thesis Grant
Columbia University Dean's List of Merit
Prime Minister Abe Japan Fellowship
Columbia University Dean's List of Merit

Narrative / Lucrecia Martel
Experimental / Vivienne Dick
Documentary / Laura Poitras